Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quality Pics, Field School Dig, Week 1

I had a chance this morning during work to download the first round of photos from the dig camera.  I thought I would post a few pics here of a higher quality than those I've taken with my iPhone camera.  I love my iPhone, but it isn't as cool as our Nikon!

Learning to feel sand, silt, and clay, or even clayey loam:

Pictures of Grid 42 South, 18 West.
First, the opening shot:
Then after the first level was removed, leaving a suspicious pile of stone in setu and exposing level 2- a much redder sediment.
After working in level 2 for a little bit, exposing a foundation for a light wooden framed building:

Some pics of people doing geophysics with Chuck Young and other dig related tasks:

A very big thanks to Chuck Young and to the Social Sciences department at MTU for sponsoring Chuck's trip out to help us with the remote sensing survey!

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